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The Pedagogy

UERÊ-MELLO Pedagogy, developed for children and young people in the risk zone, traumatized by violence and serious problems of cognition, improves and solves most of the problems and also learning blocks.


Our goal is, through UERÊ-MELLO Pedagogy, to bring these children and young people a quality education, a education that they would never had acess by only attending municipal and state schools in the communities where they live. This happens in order that they can compete more equally in the future, in the labor market and with it, to have a chance of a better life.


Fundamentally UERÊ-MELLO Pedagogy is a new way of doing "Classroom Management." It consists on how to teach curricular subjects respecting the biological concentration age heating the brain activity in the classroom to achieve a better and bigger learning performance, and improve the traumas caused by the violence that originated the learning difficulties.

UERÊ-MELLO exercises with children and young people the improvement of the performance, the pratical sense, the logic, increases the speed of storing information and works the competence of multiple tasks and present and future challenges.


Since 2009 UERÊ-MELLO Pedagogy is an official public policy implemented in the network of public schools of the city of Rio de Janeiro. In 2011 the program began to train municipal schools in Recife, which continued successfully.


Also in 2011 UERÊ-MELLO Pedagogy was invited to participate in the Growth in Large Scale Ashoka-McKinsey Program, lasting eight months.


Since then almost 10,000 teachers of public and private schools of four municipalities have been trained, benefiting more than 95,000 students, plus over 7,000 children and young people that benifited directly of UERÊ Project in its 16 years of existence.

The History of Pedagogy

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UERÊ-MELLO Pedagogy is the result of years of research by Yvonne Bezerra de Mello, a linguist and philologist, master in public policy fromSorbonne University of and UFRJ.
Since the 70's she began the research on cognition of children by living in countries at war: Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Angola. In the late 70's in slums of several countries.
In the 80's began to write the pedagogy by working with groups of children and young people on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.
In 1993 was founded the first classroom under an overpass in the center of Rio de Janeiro, and in 1998 was founded the UERÊ Project school and that was the beginning of the implementation of the pedagogy in the classroom.
In 2010 the first book of the pedagogy was released.
História da Pedagogia

Uerê-Mello Pedagogy Book

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If you want to buy the Uerê-Mello Pedagogy Book, please contact us.
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