The history of UERÊ Project began in 1980, when Yvonne Bezerra de Mello created, on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the School Without Doors or Windows with groups of children and young people that lived on the streets. This name was given because the classes were literally on the sidewalks of Copacabana, Madureira, Meier and Centro neighborhoods. This was the first draft of what would become the UERÊ-MELLO Pedagogy. 


The evolution of this school happened after the Candelaria massacre, in 1993, where eight children of one of the groups attended by Yvonne was murdered by military police. 


One of the survivors returned to live with his family in a small slum, under an overpass in São Cristovão. While continuing to attend this boy, Yvonne got familiar with other local residents and created Coqueirinho. Yvonne remained there precariously for four years, providing food and education for 80 children per day.


In 1997 the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro removed the existing there for Complexo da Maré, to Bonsucesso slum. The School Coqueirinho accompanied this population, performing their activities in municipal shelters, in a place called Baixa do Sapateiro. In 1998 Coqueirinho school won a head office and became the UERÊ Project. 


Since 1998, UERÊ Project continued to increase the number of children and staff and has established itself, in the national and international scene, as a respected organization and a model of school in the care of children traumatized by violence. 


Currently the school attends 420 children in the Maré slums complex and over 130,000 children have already contact with the UERÊ –MELLO Pedagogy, in several cities of Brazil.


Providing education and quality instruction for children and youth at social risk.


Making Pedagogy UERÊ-MELLO internationally recognized by excellence in cognitive recovery.



Yvonne Bezerra de MelloFundadora

Founder and Executive Coordinator


Luciana Campos Ramos Martha



Andréa Lucia Löfgren

1st Vice-President


Héber de Oliveira Moura Júnior

1st Treasurer


Maria Clara Rodrigues de Moraes

2nd Treasurer


Márcia Meira de Vasconcellos Campello Nogueira

1st Secretary


Monica Brunini Alves Silva

Fiscal Advisor


Amarilis Vianna

Fiscal Advisor


Heitor Pereira de Medeiros

Fiscal Advisor


Ruth Freihof

Advisory Counselor


Evelyn Eisenstein

Advisory Counselor


Representatives outside Brazil

Annie Hasemanns

General Coordinator for contacts outside of Brazil:




Gisela Groenewold

Jan Groenewold Foundation – Hamburg, DE 




Prosjekt Gatebarn – Gjettum, NO



Estados Unidos da America:

SHSK – Students Helping Street Kids – Eugene,US



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Converse Conosco 

​Rua Tancredo Neves

Bonsucesso, Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Telefone: (21) 38816219